Thursday, May 12, 2011

Production Calendar for Department Productions

The following shows and production calendar have been tentatively set by the faculty.  Please be sure to look both for script choices and production dates to confirm that they reflect your scheduling parameters.


FALL 2011
October 26th-29th, 2011
  • ANNIE  Directed by Robin Miller in the Benson Auditorium 
December 1st-3rd, 2011
  • "Twice Upon a Time" Directed by Allison Musslewhite in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center
  • "Cinderella"  Directed by Joshua Little in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center
SPRING 2012- All dates and pairings are tentative and subject to change as the rest of the semester is finalized.

Feb 2nd-5th, 2012
  • Tentative Production Slot
Feb 9th-11th, 2012 (Tentative)
  • "Ghost a la Mode" Directed by Dylan Matt in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center (this script is conditionally approved.  See Mr. Lynn for details)
  • "The Game" Directed by Robbie Ballew in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center
February 16-18th, 2012 (Tentative)
  • "Big Bad" Directed by Josephine Brotosky in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center
  • TBA Directed by Amy Dorsey in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center (See Mr Lynn for details)
February 23rd-25th (Tentative)
  • Tentative Production Slot
April 5th-7th, and 12th-15th
  • Faculty Produced Show in the Ulrey Performing Arts Center

FALL 2012 Tentative shows (slots and pairings TBA)
  • "Don't Say Macbeth" by Dillon Holden

FALL 2012 Semester Tentative Production Slots:

September 13th-15th, 2012 (Tentative)
  • Tentative Production Slot
Homecoming Musical
  • Directed by Robin Miller in the Benson Auditorium
November 29th-December 1st, 2012
  • Tentative Production Slot

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cast List for "Annie"

“Annie” Cast List

ALL CAST: please read the notes at the bottom of the list

Grace Allen – Ensemble
Jeni Burleson - Ensemble
Karli Blickenstaff – Ensemble
Mark Briggs - Ensemble
Emily Davis – Ensemble
Erica Gardner – Ensemble
Darren Kentner – Bert Healy
Benjamin Holder – Daddy Warbucks
Dillon Holden - Ensemble
Joshua Cole Little – Rooster Hannigan
Carter Lowe – Morganthau (President’s Cabinet)/Mr. Bundles
Erin McBride – Ensemble
Mary McBride – Miss Hannigan
Carson McGill – Ensemble
Beck Martin – Perkins (President’s Cabinet)/Ensemble
Amelia Mitchel – Ensemble
Caroline Snell – Connie Boylan
Christa Smith – Ensemble
Aaron Tucker – Ickes (President’s Cabinet)/Ensemble
Morgan Tunnell – Grace Farrell
Riley Walling – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Emily Welfare – Lily St. Regis
Nate White – Hull (President’s Cabinet)/Ensemble
Carter Wright - Ensemble

Abbey Gibboney – Annie
Eden Grace Ballew
Lauren Brown
Amy Dorsey
Anna Grace Glenn
Mallory Gowen
Logan Kays
Ashlyn McDuffie
Lauren McDuffie
Aleece Overturf
Madison Price
Elizabeth Provencher
Megan Sledge
Megan West
Emma Williams
Aislyn Wilson
Lauren Wilson
Savannah Woods

Rehearsals will begin in the fall when school starts.

CONFIRM ACCEPTANCE: Each cast member (or family member responsible for communication if the student is under college age) is asked to e-mail Mr. Miller and Mrs. Stockstill to indicate acceptance of the role for which they are cast.  Please use the e-mail address that will be the primary contact for the cast member.  Future correspondence will be sent to this e-mail address.

Mr. Miller’s address is:

Mrs. Stockstill’s address is:

COSTUME MEASUREMENTS:  All cast members who do not have current measurements on file with the costumer must be measured for costumes.  If a cast member has been in a HU Dept of Theatre show in the past two years and if the cast member has not gained or lost more than five pounds they do not need to be measured.  All other cast members need to be measured.  Come to the costume shop in the Ulrey Theatre on the following schedule:

Orphans – Monday, May 9 between 3:30 and 4:45 or Tuesday, May 10 between 3:30 and 4:45

College Students – Monday, May 9 between 10:00 and Noon or between 1:00 and 3:30 or Tuesday, May 10 between 10:00 and Noon or between 1:00 and 3:30

The Ulrey is located on Jimmy Carr Drive.  From Hwy 67, take the Beebe-Capps exit also labeled Hwy 36.  Go to the second stoplight.  At that light, turn right.  The Ulrey will be the first building on your left (ignore the one under demolition).  The costume shop will be to the left once inside the building.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: You must have a 2.00 or higher GPA at the beginning of the fall semester to participate in the cast of “Annie”.  If your GPA is below a 2.00 at the beginning of the fall semester, you part will be recast and filled with another performer.

TO ALL: Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  The production team realizes that this has been a long process.  The work that everyone has done on this project is greatly appreciated.  RM

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cast list posting for ANNIE

Casting will not be completed till Thursday morning at the earliest.  Thank you for your patience as this process continues.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday evening call backs for Annie

Everyone who is called, please check below for changes

Callbacks are a second look at students who are under consideration for casting in specific roles in Annie.  At this point, being called back or not being called back does not mean that a person is automatically cast, nor does it mean that a person is not cast.  This is a time when the audition process continues to answer questions about specific roles.

Callbacks for the role of Annie in “Annie”

The following are asked to be at call backs for the role of Annie:
9 Elizabeth Provencher
16 Logan Kays
48 Emily Welfare
56 Abbey Gibboney
94 Eden Grace Ballew
121 Grace Allen

Those called back may be asked to sing or read anything that was in the audition packet for the character of “Annie”.

Please be in the Omni room of the Reynolds building at 7:30 Tuesday, May 3.  The Reynolds building is the building in which audition packets were first picked up.  Omni room is on the second floor by the elevator.

You could be asked to stay through till the end of the callbacks which could go as late as 11:00.

Meet in the Recital Hall of the Reynods Building at 8:30
Be prepared to stay through the remainder of the auditions if asked to do so

Warbucks – Tyler Perring, Alex DeTorres, Benji Holder, Riley Walling, Matt Flynn

Roosevelt** – Tyler Perring, Riley Walling, Alex DeTorres, Benji Holder, Aaron Tucker

Annie – listed above

***Roosevelt’s – you would be EXTREMELY well served to watch some videos of FDR (there are some on you tube) to copy his uniquely distinctive vocal style!

Meet in the Recital Hall of the Reynods Building at 9:00
Be prepared to stay through the remainder of the auditions if asked to do so

Grace – Emily Davis, Christa Smith, Morgan Tunnell

Miss Hannigan – Emily Davis, Kaelyn Tavernit, Mary McBride

Rooster – Joshua Little, Beck Martin, Nate White, Mark Briggs

Lily – Emily Welfare, Christa Smith, Kaelyn Tavernit, Logan Kays, Mary McBride

Annie – listed above

TO ALL  We hope this is the last of the call backs but we cannot guarantee it.  There might be further auditions later on Wednesday evening.